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About Paper  //  Envelopes

I love envelopes. I see them as an OBJECT that holds within at least two people and some room inside. They represent the person writing the letter, and the one receiving. I give the memories oil and sun. I write, draw and use them also as bedding for etchings.

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Postcard Project, starting 2009, with Zohar Jolles

Zohar: My postcard archive is huge, as I started to collect them as a child. The collection is filled with memories of mine and others. Some have nothing written on them. Others never went on a journey. A few were mailed to me by relatives and friends who traveled across the world.

This is how I saw Eilat and the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

Nona: Zohar asked me if she can send me postcards. I waited happily, smiled and sent backward some from my collection, or others I created for her.

I sent postcards I bought in a flea market, and then I posted her the ones she sent to me.

Sometimes, I sent postcards from places I visited only in my head. Panoramic views of Greece and Kyoto Mixed.


[photomosaic id=6160]