Dogon on my computer

1995 Isaac Rabin was murdered.

That week I was in Paris with our 18 years-old daughter. It was her birthday present to visit museums in the city of lights.

We called her sister and father in Israel, from a booth phone to say good-bye as they were leaving that night to Kenya for a beetle collecting expedition.

Then we entered a gallery of African sculptures. I saw this Dogon door.

I was deeply impressed by the carving and images and the relationship between the lizard and human figure. It does not happen often, but indeed, I wanted it.

I left the beautiful expensive door behind, hoping to come one day with more courage to buy it.

At home, a few nights later, I got an urgent call from my daughter in Kenya: they had a horrible accident; she is the only one not injured. All three men were badly hurt especially my husband.

They were brought home by a flying ambulance.

As he was recovering for months, we decided it is a good time to learn to use a computer.

My brother asked me to type any word I wish.

I typed: DOGON, MALI.

Time and skies unfolded wide on the screen: A compound of far away stares, ancient Egyptians and Dogon tribe- all at our small desk.

I instantly realized that the Dogon’s knowledge of astronomy comes from the Egyptians! How did they know about Cereus B without telescopes?!

Oh, they would have loved this internet invention!

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