Citrus Grower – פרדסנית

Zipora Katzprowsky- Patchornik, my mother, had to take care of the family citrus orchards since the age of 16. Her father, Samsom Katzprowsky , an inventive agronom, was killed at 1948 by a bomb in Rehovot. He was on his way to buy something to fix the well of water in the orchard.

Her mother, Bessy Pava- Katzprowsky, was almost blind and helpless.

Her older brother was studying in the United States, and there was a younger sister to attend to.

This collage of her hiding from the sun, has a text on the right-hand side, a dictionary piece I altered. I added the “orchard grower” as should be written  in the feminine form in Hebrew.

I did this work after an evening at Bet Rishonim [Founder’s Home]; As I entered the room dedicated to our brave founders- I noticed it was covered with many formally framed portraits. I found even men from my generation, but almost no women, not even my brave Mum!


In my life and art I see myself as one bead in a long chain of creatores. These “Large Remains”,  have the patina of my earliest memories visiting  archaeological exhibitions at the Israel Museum,  with my aunt Miryam, my mother’s sister.

I display the sculptures here as a tribute to the women of my family, who cooked, cleaned, mended and sewed, had babies, and  much more. Without their hard devoted work, thought and love- Ness-Ziona, founded by my ancestors would not flourish.

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  1. Glad to see someone honouring those strong women who built Israel for all of us Jews around the world to feel proud about being Jews.

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