Be my guest: Mound Hacker at the Loris Malaguzzi Center

The ongoing art project to the memory of the burnet Alexandrian library develops a twist in its narrative;  

I began perceiving the educational activities and teachings in Studio Visits study group and at  The Good Enough Studio blog, as an art project. 

In my mind, I am creating a shelf of knowledge about psychology, education, and humanism inside the ancient library.


I have visited the Loris Malaguzzi Center in Reggio Emilia a few times and will be there again soon. I always love to leaf through the notebooks that were filled with rich educators observations. A large part of an educator of this approach is documenting the learning processes of the children. It is a delicate way of learning the other while you are discovering yourself and expanding your perception of perspectives of life.  

Prof. Carla Rinaldi says  in this video: “Documentation is an act of love.” 

This image – sentence was taken from a slide show telling the story how the Reggio approach began. This is what the parents of the babies said after the war. They had a humanistic vision for a better future.  

Here are a few examples from an exhibition for educators, sharing deep knowledge with the world. How a child sees the world, how he thinks through the 100 languages he owns, as Loris Malaguzzi termed it.  

 Roberta Pucci, an atelierista, is holding an ostracon made by Mound Hacker connecting the Italian school with the Alexandria in my mind. 


More here: Mound Hacker: Intervening in the timeline of mounds-site-specific art project

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