Be my guest: Mark Dion-artist Eylon Orbach-Coleopterist

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and  locality are not relevant.

Mark Dion produces artwork that consistently mixes the boundaries between natural history, art, and science. In his as if a scientific order he makes another suggestion as how nature can be presented and understood in our culture.


Eylon Orbach, a coleopterist, specializes in Brentidae, went on a scientific expedition to Vietnam as a member of a group of coleopterists from La Specola Museum in Florence, Italy.

They collected beetles and butterflies for scientific matter. Eylon sees himself following the footprints of Darwin, trying to find new species of beetles, accurately defining them.

I can easily identify with Mark Dion who uses as if scientific methodologies to express his thoughts. I do so in my Tel Nona mound where I am the digger, the finds and the curator.

I love Eylon’s set insects divided neatly in wooden drawers and the tiny labels under them. The drawers  are like landscapes.


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  1. Dear Nona!
    Your idea of reviving the Alexandria Library trough the Internet sounds enthusiastic and futuristic (in the promising sense of the word).
    Good Luck

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