Be my guest: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Predag Matvejevic, Janine Antoni

“We need a port of departure: A shore or view, an event or a story.

The place we are leaving is less important than the one we will arrive at.“

Breviare Mediterraneen, Predag Matvejevic

Hiroshi Sugimoto/ Time Exposed: A presentation of some of Sugimoto’s photographs from the portfolio “Time Exposed.” The portfolio consists of 50 images of different seascapes. Music by Arvo Part. Prepared by Vilis Inde and inde/jacobs gallery of Marfa


Most people look at the sea from the land, some prefer to look at the land from the ocean; As a little girl sailing in the Mediterranean – I loved watching the horizon change slowly as we arrived at a port.


Janine Antoni’s  is suggesting of an “answer” to the longing one feels as he watches the water. It is a clever video art work and an example of reaching the untouchable.

Both artists and the writer Predag Matvejevic, are guests here at my sitting room; Although so different in temperament and perspective – they share the respect to the endless ocean, waters and cultures. They  share the love of “there”.

I wish them to be part of my project: Reviving Anciant Alexandria Library.

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