Be my Guest: Ginkakuji Gardner


At spring 2009, I was following the gentle path leading the small hill of Ginkakuji. I was photographing fragments of the fence since I noticed how the tiny bamboo cups were filled with rain, and therefor reflect the tree and sky above them. From fragments like this one, I made a video called Offering.

This autumn, 2013, I could actually observe a master gardener mending this fence. His distant ancestors’ hands were emerging from each movement he made.


ginkakuji gardner 1

ginkakuji gardner 2

ginkakuje 10

The video offering was a part of  a museum solo show, Went and Wandered About and Returned. Please turn on the the video on page 7. The sound will join you as you look at other pages. This was the sound at the exhibition as well.




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  1. The soundtrack is wonderful! And the ancient use of bamboo, twine, paper as they mingle with the world of water and light is so restorative. Thank you.

  2. What a great opportunity so see the fence being mended. Thanks for sharing your photos. I took photos of the top of the bamboo fence filled with water when we were there too. It just seemed a special feature somehow.

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