Archive Classification: Tel Nona at Beth She’arim, 2014

My friend and I were asked to archive finds from the excavations at Beth She’arim, 2014. What an honor and responsibility!

We learned that P stands for pottery. G  for glass, F for fresco, C for coin.

X stands for special finds,  O for organic. I found a 400 years [?] olive seed that was rested in a personal sack. 

The finds will eventually be examined at a laboratory. Until then, I played with these categories merging fiction and reality, utilizing Tel Nona. 



My heart is in the East, 2011, bone, box and scroll, 2011 My heart is in the East, 2011, bone, box and scroll




Nona Orbach, 2011, Euclides in Zen Garden (4) - Copy


glass Metal

Metal - Royal Capital Organic





StoneTel Nona, Audience Version, 2013, Seal Impression from legal Archive

X Special Find

Ready and made, detail from “Tel Nona, Audience Version” Contact Point 2013, Israel Museum, Jerusalem Ready and made. Detail from "Tel Nona, Audience Version" Contact Point 2013, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Archaeology – fiction and reality


Beth She’arim excavations, 2014

Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa

Excavations manager: Dr. Adi Erlich

Excavations staff: Rona Evyasaf, David Yeger, Dani Chechelnitsky, Ran Kaftory, Menachem Schnell.

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