A pit


A pit of memory

I could already write at the time. I had learned that Canaanite, Babylonians, Romans and Egyptians used to live here.

I chose a new notebook and put down everything that I knew about my founders too, in beautiful handwriting. I even added drawings of pyramids.

I wanted people in the future to know this.

Secretly, I wrapped the notebook up in many plastic bags and buried it by the tap into the ground in the courtyard.

Years later, I wanted to see what was left of my treasure.

I dug and dug and all I found was earth.


Where do I begin?

Where do I begin 2?

Memory and Oblivion


A year after I wrote the above memory, at 2013,  I started an artistic ongoing project called Mound Hacker. This story is probably the blue print of it. You can jump to the future here.



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