Where do I begin?

I grew up in Ness Ziona as the fifth generation to my ancestors Ruben Lehrer and his wife Feige Feinstein. In the back of my child’s mind, the world began with them. My first writing as I learned the craft, was the history of my family and the Eygptians as one related story. [A pit of memory] Ruben Lehrer […]

Citrus Grower – פרדסנית

Zipora Katzprowsky- Patchornik, my mother, had to take care of the family citrus orchards since the age of 16. Her father, Samsom Katzprowsky , an inventive agronom, was killed at 1948 by a bomb in Rehovot. He was on his way to buy something to fix the well of water in the orchard. Her mother, Bessy Pava- Katzprowsky, […]