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  • Mound Hacker at Pompeii- Apollo

    My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting Pompeii. On our way out of
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  • Remains

    Bone Idol and shells, Foothills of Judea, Israel, 2013 Broken Stone Idol, Foothills of Judea, Israel, 2013 Votive Vihacle, Foothills of Judea, Israel, 2013   More about stones: Dimitris Pikionis
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  • Cyprian Icons

    It takes about 30 hours of sailing to arrive to Cyprus from Tel-Aviv. My thought are with the Phoenicians and how they were sailing all around the Mediterranean Sea connecting, exchanging
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  • After Dimitris Pikionis

    Images of Dimitris Pikionis’s pavements around the Acropolis are still resonating within. My hands found a method to pave my way closer to the impressions: sellotaped drawings 12X21cm, pens and Japanese
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