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  • Water in Kyoto

    Listen: Rain drops and bird in Kyoto More Kyoto sounds: Shomio  

  • A dream

    I dream I am at the of Ancient Alexandria Library. Scrolls are gathered on shelves all around. Many are spread on long wooden benches, circled by people wearing white togas. They
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  • After Pikionis-Kyoto stroll

    I miss Kyoto shades. I miss Dimitris Pikionis’s pavements in Athens. I try to trace their memories while strolling in the small grove near my home. I archive them on the
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  • Euclid diagrams in Greece

    As I strolled in Kyoto Zen gardens during the summer of 2011, I found Euclid everywhere helping me anchor. It was tremendously hot and humid even for me coming from
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  • Prayers

    Sun rise at 32* latitude; It is a morning view from my studio window. If I keep on walking East towards 35* – I will find Kyoto and paper prayers
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  • Almost abstract 2

    Music Notes: water, orange, tunnel, crow, Miho. Instructions: You can play each video-sound separately. You can also play them all together, again and again.   [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] More here:

  • Artist and Fish

    SELF PORTRAIT ———————————————————————————————-  PORTRAIT OF THE SELF           More about the connection between artists and fish: Avraham Ofek: “Artist are the off-springs of fisherman…”    
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