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  • Kyoto water is almost abstract

        “… אֲנִי יוֹדֵעַ בְּרֵכָה צְנוּעָה אַחַת  …” ביאליק, הבריכה מוקדש לדליה ואריה, נאגויה More about water in Kyoto from a summer visit  

  • Venice Biennale 2013

    The primary rounded hall of the Giardini Building nests the Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung. The book is displayed in a glass case dimly lit. Circling it are excellent copies
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  • Happy blog day!

    Since 2007, bloggers from around the world are celebrating an international blog day on the 31/8/. I chose to share with you the ones I love most, some in Hebrew,
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  • Salvage archaeology 2

    The time after an exhibition – is fragile, so I am wondering around my studio trying to find a question, a path. I am thinking about the title Salvage Archaeology,
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  • Salvage Archaeology 1

    An anonymous visitor at my performance installation in the Israel Museume -timidly approaches my workbench. He apologizes that since he is a tourist, he has nothing to spare for the invented
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  • Mound Hacker tools

    This post is dedicated to the working tools used by Mound Hacker. I have been asked: What is the connection between the Internet link I write upon ceramic shards and Ancient Alexandria
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  • Tel Nona, Audience Version-the day after

    ביום שאחרי כל החפצים החומרים, הכלים והכרטיסיות נחתו בסטודיו כרטיס וחפץ בהתאמה עד כמה שהזיכרון מאפשר מתכוונת להעלות את כל העבודות שהוצגו במוזיאון וגם חדשות שיווצרו ממה שלא עלה תודה
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