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  • Fly me to the Moon

    The distant mountains are reflected in the eye of the dragonfly Issa Ostracon, Leonardo.

  • Moon viewing 2015 – Kuroda Momoko

    At this temple by the edge of the lake I wait for the moon   みづうみのほとりの寺に月を待つ   Kuroda Momoko Moon viewing 2015 – 月見    

  • Moon viewing 2015 – 月見

    It is a Japanese tradition to sit on a balcony and observe the moon reflected in a pool. I have the privilege to be a guest at an event at  Jikkoin Temple 実光院
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  • Vessels

    I was the first guest early autumn morning and at the Ryoanji Zen garden. My hands reached for the sketchbook, opening it on my lap. I witnessed my right hand
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