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  • Lists as Backbone of early writing

    “……..in the very first phase of writing’s development, were lexical texts, word lists containing terms … names of metal objects, ceramic vessels, textiles, cities, trees, plants, cattle, swine, birds, fish,
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  • Enso

      It was late at night when I arrived at Sensei’s home at the Yamma artist village deep in the mountains. Climbing up the hills, Kyoto tower looked tinier at
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  • Almost abstract 1

    Five Music Notes: rain, crow, spring, Kyoto, prayer bells. Instructions: You can play each video-sound separately. You can also play them all together, again and again.     more here:
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  • Enso – Mandala

    Enso and  Mandala are closely related in my mind. These are some visual examples how I grasp the two terms; I see them as a blue print of our consciousness. They  overlap, enrich,
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