Mound Hackers in Kyoto – Dalia and Arie Falk


Dalia, my new friend, lives in Nagoya for a few months by now.

We met through mail introduction by a mutual friend who knew we share deep love to Japanese culture.

We exchanged mails, pictures, suggestions.

Last week, she came for a holiday visit, and we were having a long conversation in my studio.

Before she left she chose a few ceramic shards to spread in Japan.

She and Arie traveled last weekend with two shards, and this is what happened.

All photographs are theirs- the enjoyment is mine and yours as well.

My friends traveled to Chikubushima Island

They passed a rice field.

A key to Alexandria library is patiently waiting  for the farmer.

They visited Hougon Temple

A rested a shard among stones.

A women came close and folded her scroll that was just stamped, very close to the stones.

She notices a shard!

She is kindly willing to be photographed.

Her spouse joins her.
These pleasant people who came to this sacred temple, did not speak any English. However, the next morning I see that there were twice as many visitors from Japan to Blog at artwork!


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7 Responses to “Mound Hackers in Kyoto – Dalia and Arie Falk”

  1. Dalia Falk says:

    נונה יקרה, זכינו בחוויה מרתקת! בהצלחה בהמשך, דליה ואריה.

  2. אורית says:

    נהדר! התופעה מתרחבת מסביב לעולם 🙂

  3. Mitzi says:

    Dearest Nona, Dalia & Arie,
    And the beat goes on… Japan style!
    Such an interesting connection between cultures friends, and generations…
    Arigato to you all,

  4. joan braun says:

    Neat, Nona. Lovely photos, especially of the rice fields, and a sweet story. And when I clicked on Chikubushima Island, I got this wonderful Noh play, very appropriate for everyone’s venture!

  5. joan braun says:

    P.S. We were in Kyoto long ago [1986] but didn’t know about the island. Wish we hadn’t missed it. Now you and your friends have given me a glimpse!

  6. zohar says:

    Dear Nona, dear Arie and Dalia,
    hope you’ll have many more interesting meetings starting with ancient pieces of life. love.

  7. Masa says:

    The shards will be propagating now!!!

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