Mound Hacker- Ostracon at the pond, Pompeii, Italy


My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting Pompeii.

I offered the pond in Pompiie a ceramic shard.

A group of Japanese tourists came closer.

Will they will notice anything extraordinary?

I stood and watched.


It seemed they did not notice the peculiar piece of handwritten clay just across the mouthed face of the pond.

The guide did not notice it at all as well.

However, as I look at the pictures now, it seems that perhaps they did see something peculiar but did not say or ask anything.

I am not sure if what I perceived then is the the truth, or what I observe now.

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5 Responses to “Mound Hacker- Ostracon at the pond, Pompeii, Italy”

  1. joan braun says:

    They may not have perceived it. but we perceive it! And perhaps others! And perhaps it will fall into the well! Or pond..or fountain or pool as they seem to call it:

  2. nona says:

    Dear Joan, perhaps we will fall into the well with Alice…

  3. הם לא לקחו את זה?

  4. nona says:

    Hi Orna,
    I don’t know, do you think they notice it or not?

  5. מירי פליישר says:

    יש משהו יהודי בהנחת אבן על קבר,
    שבר אחד לזכר העבר על שפת הבאר-בריכה
    משהו מינימליסטי בשבר אחד בלבד באמצע השפה
    לפני האף
    משהו עם אמירה
    יפני בהתיחחסותו המינימליסטית
    מביך את מי שמחכה להסבר,
    יצירה קטנה בנצח.

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