After Pikionis-Kyoto stroll


I miss Kyoto shades.

I miss Dimitris Pikionis’s pavements in Athens.

I try to trace their memories while strolling in the small grove near my home.

I archive them on the same shelf of my inner Alexandria Library.




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  1. Yoram says:

    These new batch of images is awesome. Indeed I know where you took them and long to stroll there on a late fall afternoon with you and Eylon- I miss it but besides my personal emotional response just simply looking at th photographs tells me how at home you are with the medium.
    With your photography you prove time and again that a real good photographer doesn’t really need Photoshop. Photoshop art is one thing and excellent photography is another and the proof is in your work and some wonderful others who soon will all join GYG ( and form our photography section.
    I welcome you all and again these pictures have touched me- love the vertical path leading into the misty opening, love to good old Cypresses in the mist- love them all and you,

  2. Hana Altaratz says:


    One blink of an eye
    I knew for sure.
    Its them: Adam & Eve
    from Paradaise-Heights, East.
    One day the Gardener caught them
    eating from the Forbiden Fruit.
    He got mad with anger
    And kicked them
    The S-s-s-nake mumbled
    to himself:
    “Achalnu Ota”

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